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Koelreuteria ~ Goldenraintree

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Goldenraintree new growth


Koelreuteria paniculata ~ Zones 4-8

Height 30-40' Spread 20-25'

Dense smaller tree with rounded form. Summer blooming showy, fragrant, yellow panicles turn to attractive, reddish-pin, leathery fruit capsules. Excellent as a small lawn tree. Very adaptable to soil extremes. Drought tolerant.

Goldenraintree seed
Golden Candle
Golden Candle Goldenraintree seed

Golden Candle™

Koelreuteria paniculata ~ Zone 5

Height 35' Spread 4'

A very narrow tree perfect for tight spaces. Large bright gold flowers with green leaves in summer. Foliage is brilliant gold in the fall. Performs well in most soils. Will tolerate heat and drought. 

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