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Abies ~ Fir

Click on the species listed below to see pictures and learn more.

Concolor Fir tree

Concolor Fir

Abies concolor ~ Zones 3-7

Height 102' Spread 25'

Nursery grown. Dull greenish gray needles which are softer to the touch.

Concolor Fir tree in spring
Concolor Fir new growth
Concolor Fir needles
Subalpine Fir tree

Subalpine Fir

Abies lasiocarpa ~ Zone 3

Most are mountain grown and moved to our nursery for at least two years before selling. Others are started from seedlings, from the University of Idaho Pitkin Nursery. Shaped by nature, generally not full Christmas trees. Slow growing.

Subalpine Fir tree
Subalpine Fir tree
Subalpine Fir tree in fall
Subalpine Fir tree in winter
Subalpine Fir new growth
Subalpine Fir needles
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