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Betula ~ Birch

Click on the species listed below to see pictures and learn more.

Canoe Birch
Paper Bark Birch fall color

Canoe/Paper Bark Birch

Betula papyrifera ~ Zone 2

Height 35-40' Spread 25-50'

White bark, dark green leaves, butter-yellow to golden in fall.

Paper Bark Birch tree in spring
Paper Bark Birch tree in winter
Paper Bark Birch flower
Paper Bark Birch seed
Paper Bark Birch fall leaves
Paper Bark Birch bark
Red Western
Red Western Birch clump

Red Western Birch

Betula occidentalis ~ Zone 3

Grown in clumps and single trees. Likes a moist to wet area. A very hardy tree.

Bore resistant! Excellent for stream restoration and landscaping.

Red Western Birch in winter
Red Western Birch flower bud
Red Western Birch leaves
Red Western Birch bark
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