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Prunus ~ Flowering Cherry / Plum

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May Day Bird Cherry tree

May Day Bird Cherry

Prunus padus ~ Zone 3

Early spring blooming with long white clustered flowers. Dark green leaves. Yellow to red fall color.

May Day Bird Cherry tree in spring
May Day Bird Cherry new growth
May Day Bird Cherry flower
May Day Bird Cherry fruit
May Day Bird Cherry bark
Merlot Bird Cherry tree

Merlot Bird Cherry

Prunus padus ~ Zone 3

Height 25-30' Spread 15-20'

Deer resistant. Columnar. Limited suckering and less fruit than Prunus Canada Red; otherwise has characteristics of Canada Red.

Merlot Bird Cherry new growth
Merlot Bird Cherry flower bud
Merlot Bird Cherry flower
Canada Red Chokecherry tree

Canada Red Chokecherry

Prunus virginiana ~ Zones 2-5

Height 20-25' Spread 15-20'

Fast growing and cold hardy. New growth is green, turning red as leaves mature. Fragrant blooms. Palatable wildlife browse species. Deer resistant. Grown as singles and as clumps.

Canada Red Chokecherry tree in spring
Canada Red Chokecherry tree in fall
Canada Red Chokecherry tree in winter
Canada Red Chokecherry clump
Canada Red Chokecherry flower
Canada Red Chokecherry fruit
Canada Red Chokecherry leaves
Canada Red Chokecherry new growth

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