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Acer ~ Maple

Click on the species listed below to see pictures and learn more.

Autumn Blaze
Autumn Blaze Maple fall color

Autumn Blaze® Maple

Acer x freemanii ~ Zone 3

Height 50' Spread 40'

Brilliant Red in Fall, great shape!

Autumn Blaze Maple tree in spring
Autumn Blaze Maple tree in winter
Autumn Blaze Maple new growth
Autumn Blaze Maple leaf
Autumn Blaze Maple fall leaves
Autumn Blaze Maple fall leaves
Sienna Glen
Sienna Glen Maple fall color

Sienna Glen® Maple

Acer x freemanii ~ Zones 3-7

Height 50' Spread 35'

Pyramidal shape. Bright green foliage turning to a burgendy-orange in fall. Excellent winter hardiness.

Sienna Glen Maple tree
Sienna Glen Maple new growth
Sienna Glen Maple fall leaves
Sienna Glen Maple fall leaves
Ginnala Maple

Ginnala - Amur Maple 

Acer ginnala ~ Zone 2

Height 12-20' Spread 12'

Grown in clumps to create a thick bush. Bright full red color in fall. Keeps seeds during the winter that rustle in the wind.

Ginnala Maple winter tree
Ginnala Maple new growth
Ginnala Maple flower bud
Ginnala Maple flower
Sensation Box Elder
Sensation Box Elder fall color

Sensation Box Elder 

Acer negundo ~ Zones 2-9

Height 40' Spread 25'

Developed in Idaho. A seedless variety that makes a colorful and unique addition to the yard. Compound green leaves turn brilliant red in the fall. A fast grower.

Sensation Box Elder tree in spring
Sensation Box Elder tree in winter
Sensation Box Elder new growth
Sensation Box Elder flower bud
Sensation Box Elder flower
Sensation Box Elder leaves
Sensation Box Elder bark
Emerald Queen
Emerald Queen Maple tree

Emerald Queen Maple 

Acer platanoides ~ Zones 3-6

Height 50' Spread 45'

Vigorous grower with uniform branching. New leaves are light pink turning to dark glossy green. One of the most widely used for landscape shade. Full sun.

Emerald Queen Maple fall color
Emerald Queen Maple new growth
Emerald Queen Maple flower bud
Emerald Queen Maple flower
Emerald Queen Maple leaves
Emerald Queen Maple bark
Fairview Maple fall color

Fairview Maple 

Acer platanoides ~ Zone 4

Height 50' Spread 40'

New growth tips are dark purple-red contrasting well against mature greenish-purple foliage.

Fairview Maple tree
Fairview Maple new growth
Fairview Maple new growth
Fairview Maple flower
Fairview Maple seed
Fairview Maple leaves
Fairview Maple fall leaf color
Fairview Maple bark
Royal Red
Royal Red Maple tree

Royal Red Maple 

Acer platanoides ~ Zone 4

Height 40' Spread 30'

Deep purple foliage and reddish bronze fall color. Smaller than other Norway maples. Full sun.

Royal Red Maple new growth
Royal Red Maple flower bud
Royal Red Maple flower
Royal Red Maple seed
Royal Red Maple leaves
Silver Varigated
Silver Variegated Maple leaf

Silver Variegated Maple 

Acer platanoides ~ Zones 4-7

Height 35-40' Spread 35'

Broad, oval form. Leaves are light green with white edges. Slow growing.

Silver Variegated Maple new growth
Silver Variegated Maple tree
Silver Variegated Maple new growth
Sun Valley
Sun Valley Maple fall color

Sun Valley Maple 

Acer rubrum ~ Zones 4-7

Height 40' Spread 35'

Dark green foliage turning bright red fairly late in the season. Seedless.

Sun Valley Maple spring tree
Sun Valley Maple winter tree
Sun Valley Maple bark
Sun Valley Maple new growth
Sun Valley Maple fall leaves
Sun Valley Maple fall leaves
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