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About Bonners Ferry Nursery

Bonners Ferry Nursery is situated on the Kootenai River, just three miles from downtown Bonners Ferry Idaho and only 30 miles from the Canadian border.

The nursery, that is known today, was started in 1985 by Ernie Copp.

In 1997, the nursery was purchased by Gene and Pat Andrews. Susan Shope is our Nursery Administrator.  Peter Koehn is the Field Manger with Michael Powers being the Field Consultant. 


We are a dependable supplier of quality selected ornamental, flowering, shade, fruit and native trees, along with other interesting deciduous and coniferous trees.

The majority of the trees grown are for the Northwestern cold climates.  Mostly zones 4-8, with some zones 2 and 3.

Take a minute and look around. You may discover something new!


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