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Prunus ~ Plum / Prune

Click on the species listed below to see pictures and learn more.


Italian Prune 

Prunus ~ Zones 5-8

Purple skin, freestone. Medium sized fruit. Firm flesh, sweet with some tartness. Good fresh or for drying. Self-fertile.

Italian Prune tree
Italian Prune flower bud
Italian Prune flower
Italian Prune leaves
Italian Prune bark
Mount Royal
Mount Royal Plum

Mount Royal Plum

Prunus ~ Zones 4-7

Fruit has dark purple skin, greenish-yellow flesh. It is round, medium-sized, sweet, firm, and juicy. Good quality. Tree is partially self-fertile. Suggest Stanley as pollinizer. Hardy. Very productive.

Mount Royal Plum tree
Mount Royal Plum new growth
Mount Royal Plum flower
Santa Rosa Plum

Santa Rosa Plum

Prunus ~ Zones 5-9

Red skin. Sweet-tart flavor. Fruit is firm, large and keeps well. Excellent eating when fresh. Clingstone. Requires pollinizer, suggest Satsuma.

Santa Rosa Plum tree
Santa Rosa Plum new growth
Santa Rosa Plum flower bud
Santa Rosa Plum flower
Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Plum tree in spring
Santa Rosa Plum leaves
Satsuma Plum
Satsuma Plum tree
Satsuma Plum flower bud
Satsuma Plum new growth

Satsuma Plum

Prunus ~ Zones 5-9

Deep red skin. Fruit is large, round and firm. Flavor is sweet. Good fresh or for canning. Needs Santa Rosa for pollinizer.

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