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Prunus ~ Cherry

Click on the species listed below to see pictures and learn more.

Evans Cherry

Evans 'Bali' Cherry
Prunus ~ Zone 3

Fruit is 1" and dark red. A sour or tart cherry that left on the tree long enough will develop the sugars and become sweet. Excellent for pies, sauces and jams when tart. Known for its cold hardiness. Self-fertile.

Evans Cherry tree
Evans Cherry fall color
Evans Cherry tree in winter
Evans Cherry bark
Evans Cherry new growth
Evans Cherry flower bud
Evans Cherry flower
Evans Cherry leaves
Evans Cherry fall leaves
Evans Cherry fall leaves
Lapins Cherry

Lapins Cherry
Prunus ~ Zones 5-8

Dark red, heart shaped fruit. A favored commercial variety. Heavy crops of sweet, firm fruit. Self-fertile. Cold hardy. Split resistant.

Lapins Cherry tree
Lapins Cherry fall color
Lapins Cherry new growth
Lapins Cherry flower bud
Lapins Cherry flower
Lapins Cherry leaves
Lapins Cherry fall leaves
Rainier Cherry

Rainier Cherry

Prunus ~ Zones 5-8


Golden yellow with red blush. Large, firm, juicy and sweet fruit. Vigorous, hardy and productive. Resistant to cracking. Excellent pollinator for most sweet cherries.

Rainier Cherry tree
Rainier Cherry new growth
Rainier Cherry flower bud
Rainier Cherry flower
Rainier Cherry leaves
Stella Cherry early season

Stella Cherry

Prunus ~ Zones 5-8


Black skin and flesh. Similar to Lambert. Sweet, juicy and moderately firm. Large sized fruit. Self-fertile. Good pollinizer.

Stella Cherry new growth
Stella Cherry flower
Stella Cherry leaves
Stella Cherry bark
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