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Populus ~ Poplar

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Robusta Poplar tree

Robusta Poplar

Populus canadensis ~ Zones 3- 4

Height 40-60' Spread 30-40'

A cottonless cottonwood hybrid that does well in dry conditions. Large bright green leaves.

Robusta Poplar tree
Robusta Poplar tree in spring
Robusta Poplar tree in winter
Robusta Poplar new growth
Robusta Poplar leaf
Robusta Poplar fall leaves
Lanceleaf Poplar tree

Lanceleaf Poplar

Populus x acuminata ~ Zone 3

Height 45' Spread 20-25'

A hardy, fast growing, seedless cottonwood. It has a dense, upright form. The leaves are a glossy green with a lighter colored underside. Fall brings a yellow color.

Lanceleaf Poplar tree in spring
Lanceleaf Poplar fall color
Lanceleaf Poplar new growth
Lanceleaf Poplar fall leaf
Quaking Aspen fall color

Quaking Aspen

Populus tremuloides ~ Zones 1-6

Height 40-50' Spread 20-30'

Round leaves that flutter in a gentle breeze. Yellow fall color. Fast growing.

Quaking Aspen tree
Quaking Aspen fall color
Quaking Aspen tree in winter
Quaking Aspen new growth
Quaking Aspen flower
Quaking Aspen catkin
Quaking Aspen leaves
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