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Fraxinus ~ Ash

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Autumn Purple
Autumn Purple Ash fall color

Autumn Purple Ash

Fraxinus americana ~ Zones 4-8

Height 45-70' Spread 30-50'

Large green leaves which turn purple (yellow underside) in fall. Beautiful in summer and very striking fall color, shimmering in sunlight.

Autumn Purple Ash tree
Autumn Purple Ash tree in spring
Autumn Purple Ash tree in winter
Autumn Purple Ash new growth
Autumn Purple Ash flower bud
Autumn Purple Ash leaves
Autumn Purple Ash leaves
Mancana Ash fall color

Mancana Ash

Fraxinus mandshurica ~ Zones 2-3

Height 45' Spread 25'

Bright green leaves, full leaf coverage. Somewhat columnar. Great multi-purpose tree, good street tree. Very hardy.

Mancana Ash tree
Mancana Ash tree in winter
Mancana Ash new growth
Mancana Ash leaves
Patmore Ash fall color

Patmore Ash

Fraxinus pennsylvanica ~ Zones 2-7

Height 50-60' Spread 30-35'

Seedless ash with shiny leaves. Narrow width. Very hardy and tolerant of different growing conditions. Yellow color in the fall.

Patmore Ash tree
Patmore Ash new growth
Patmore Ash leaves
Patmore Ash fall leaves
Prairie Spire
Prairie Spire Ash tree

Prairie Spire® Ash

Fraxinus pennsylvanica 'Rugby' ~ Zone 2

Height 45' Spread 25'

Seedless ash with a pyramidal shape. Very resistant to sunscald and winter dieback.

Prairie Spire Ash fall color
Prairie Spire Ash tree in winter
Prairie Spire Ash new growth
Prairie Spire Ash leaves
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