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Tilia ~ Linden

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American Sentry
American Sentry Linden tree

American Sentry® Linden

Tilia americana ~ Zone 3

Height 45' Spread 30'

A form of the American linden. Uniform branching with a pyramidal shape. Medium green foliage.

American Sentry Linden tree in spring
American Sentry Linden fall color
American Sentry Linden tree in winter
American Sentry Linden new growth
American Sentry Linden leaves
American Sentry Linden fall leaves
American Sentry Linden bark
Redmond Linden tree

Redmond Linden

Tilia americana ~ Zones 3-8

Height 65-75' Spread 30-35'

Tight pyramidal, upright form. Foliage is large and dark green. Clusters of small, fragrant flowers in summer produce rounded fruits. Bright yellow fall colors. Rapid grower. Great street tree.

Redmond Linden tree
Redmond Linden new growth
Redmond Linden flower bud
Redmond Linden fruit
Greenspire Linden tree

Greenspire® Linden

Tilia cordata ~ Zones 3-7

Height 40-50' Spread 15-25'

Radial branches for a perfectly straight trunk. Very disease resistant. Widely used as a street tree.

Greenspire Linden tree in spring
Greenspire Linden fall color
Greenspire Linden fal color
Greenspire Linden tree in winter
Greenspire Linden new growth
Greenspire Linden flower bud
Greenspire Linden leaves
Greenspire Linden fall leaves
Greenspire Linden bark
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